The Consortium Board, composed of the heads of member-agencies, supervises the overall implementation of CRHRDC programs and projects, as well as provides policy directions for the consortium.  The Executive Committee and other committees exist to assist the Advisory Board and the Consortium Board in the conceptualization, planning, and implementation of the various programs/projects and related activities of the CRHRDC. The various committees also take charge of the following health research system components: Research Management, Ethics, Capability Building and Research Utilization.


Composition of the Cordillera Regional Health Research & Development Consortium (CRHRDC) and Four Committees



Chairman         :         Dr. Raymundo Rovillos                                             

                                    University of the Philippines Baguio  


Co- Chair         :         Dr. Amelita Pangilinan

                                    Department of Health-CAR


Members          :          

                                  Dr. Victor B. Mariano                                             Dr. Nancy  Bantog

                                  DOST- CAR                                                         Alternate representative


                                    Dr. Amelita Pangilinan                                       Dr. Janice Bugtong

                                    Department of Health – CAR                              Alternate Representative


                                    Dir. Milagros Rimando                                             Dr. Jedidia Aquino

                                    National Economic Dev’t Authority-CAR           Alternate Representative


                                    Dr. Emmanuel Acluba                                            Dr. Eleanor Cuarte

                                    Baguio Gen. Hospital & Medical Center              Alternate Representative


                                    Dr. Romulo Malvar                                                  Ms. Melody Labawig

                                    Commission on Higher Education- CAR               Alternate representative


                                    Rev. Fr. Gilbert  Sales                                            

                                    Saint Louis University                                          


                                    Ms. Dhanna Kerina Rodas                                      Dr. Lloyd Orduna

                                    University of Baguio                                             Alternate Representative


                                    Mr. Ray Dean Salvosa                                          Engr. Nathaniel Vincent  Lubrica

                                    University of the Cordillera                                   Alternate Representative


                                    Dr. Feliciano Calora Jr.                                        Dr. Florence Poltic

                                    Benguet State University                                     Alternate representative


                                    Mr. James Malaya                                                Dr. Sherry Junette Tagle

                                    Cordillera Career Development College                    Alternate Representative


                                    Ms. Desiree Cheng

                                    Filipino-Chinese Hospital


                                    Dr. Serafin  Ngohayon                                    

                                    Ifugao State University                          


                                    Dr. Jovita Saguibo                                              Ms. Lourdes Angalao         

                                    Kalinga State University                               Alternate Representative


                                    Dr. Rexton Chakas                                               Dr. Annie Grail F. Ekid

                                    Mountain Province State Polytechnic College     Alternate Representative


                                    Dr. Ronaldo Paraan                                             Ms. Marian Sanchez

                                    Luke Foundation, Inc.                                        Alternate Representative


                                    Dr. Rocio P. Baltao                                           Dr. Abigail Bersamin

                                    Pines City Colleges                                           Alternate Representative





 Chairman        :        Dr. Raymundo  Rovillos                                             

                                 University of the Philippines Baguio  


 Co- Chair        :       Dr. Amelita  Pangilinan                                       Dr. Janice Bugtong

                                 Department of Health – CAR                              Alternate Representative


Secretariat        :       Dr. Victor B. Mariano                     

                                  Department of Science & Technology- CAR  


                                  Ms. Maria Rowena Madarang             

                                  Department of Science & Technology- CAR


                                   Mr. Jake S. Olsim

                                   Department of Science & Technology- CAR


Members          :         Engr. Nathaniel Lubrica              -           University of the Cordilleras

                                  Dr. Erlinda  Palaganas                  -           University of the Phil- Baguio

                                  Dr. Eleanor Cuarte                        -           BGHMC

                                  Ms. Virginia  Anceno                   -           NEDA CAR




Chairman                 Engr. Nathaniel Lubrica           -           University of the Cordilleras              

Co-Chair                  Dr. Janice Bugtong                 -            Department of Health – CAR

Members                  Dr. Nancy Bantog                    -           DOST -CAR

                              Prof. Joel Addawe                   -           University of the Philippines – Baguio

                              Dr. Gaudelia Reyes                  -           Saint Louis University

                              Dr. Ellaine Velasquez               -          BGHMC

                              Dr. Rhoda Galangco                -           University of Baguio

                              Ms. Sherry Junnette Tagle        -            CCDC

                              Ms. Ma. Emelie Daquipil           -         NEDA- CAR

                              Prof. Ruth Batani                    -           Benguet State University

                              *Dr. Annie Grail Ekid              -           MPSPC

                              *Ms. Marian C. Sanchez          -           Luke Foundation, Inc.




Chairman                  Dr. Erlinda  Palaganas                   -           University of the Phil Baguio

Co-Chairman            Dr. John Anthony Domantay         -           Saint Louis University

Members                  Mr. Rex Bate                              -           Department of Health- CAR   

                                 Ms. Ruth Thelma Tingda              -           CCDC

                                 Ms. Mary Rose Catapang              -           Benguet State University

                                 Dr. Marilou Saong                       -           University of Baguio

                                 Ms. Judith Odanee Magwilang      -           University of the Cordilleras

                                 Ms. Georgina Maskay                  -           Mt. Province State Polytechnic College

                                *Ms. Racquel A. Madlon              -           Luke Foundation, Inc.




Chairman                     Dr. Eleanor Cuarte                   -           BGHMC

Co- chairman               Dr. Robert Tolentino                -           Saint Louis University


                                 Dr. Lloyd Orduna                    -           University of Baguio

                                 Atty. Veronica de Jesus           -           Department of Health- CAR

                                 Ms. Rosella Bahni                    -           Igorota Foundation/ Non-Affiliated

                                 Dr. Pelin Belino                      -           Benguet State University

                                 Dr. Nicolas Gordo Jr.               -           Non- Affiliated

                                 Ms. Lilia Rose Say-awen           -           Department of Health- CAR

                                 Dr. Marina Sagandoy              -           CCDC

                                 Dr. Eddieson Pasay-an             -           University of the Cordilleras




Chairman                     Ms. Virginia Anceno               -           NEDA-CAR

Co-chairman                Mr. Carl Johnson Anacin        -             University of the Cordilleras


                                    Ms. Melody Labawig                -          CHED-CAR

                                    Ms. Ursula Segundo                 -          Department of Health – CAR

                                    Ms. Jocylyn Angeles                -           Benguet State University

                                    Mr. Randy Occidental              -           BGHMC    

                                    Ms. Rufina Abul                      -           Saint Louis University

                                    Ms. Amites O. Tondagui          -           Luke Foundation, Inc.



                                     Ms. Maria Rowena Madarang -           DOST-CAR