Brief Description

The Cordillera Regional Health Research and Development Consortium (CRHRDC) is a multi -sectoral organization of the academe, government planning bodies, hospital institutions, and private sectors which functions as the regional partner agency of the PCHRD, which serves as a clearing house for all health - related researches. It is a structure created to link together health researchers and institutions to facilitate health research activities attuned to regional health needs. Through the Consortium, research and development efforts of identified sectors are properly delineated, effectively coordinated, monitored/evaluated, processed and consolidated for better dissemination/utilization, resulting to greater promotion, restoration, and maintenance of health.

The implementation and institutionalization of Cordillera Regional Health Research and Development Consortium (CRHRDC) started July of 2007 through the initiative of DOST- CAR. It was officially launched/ formalized thru signing of the Memorandum of Agreement in May 25, 2008, attended by 15 participants from 11 member agencies. Currently the Consortium has 15 member Institutions namely; DOST-CAR, NEDA – CAR, CHED- CAR, DOH - CAR, University of the Philippines Baguio, Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center, Filipino-Chinese General Hospital, University of the Cordilleras, University of Baguio, Saint Louis University, Benguet State University, Cordillera Career and Development College, Kalinga Apayao State College, Ifugao State University and Mountain Province State Polytechnic College.


Regional Health Vision

Healthy and economically productive individuals and families in the Cordillera Region with universal access to quality health care services.



A responsive, dynamic and ethically responsible health research community ensuring/espousing a participatory and empowering research process.



To provide, promote and sustain an enabling health research and development framework toward evidence- informed health and health-related policies and actions working for the attainment of regional and national goals.


Strategic Goals

  • To develop a regional research system that contributes to equitable health development.
  • To advance knowledge that underpins health and equitable, quality health care.
  • To evaluate, monitor and sustain the health research activities in the region.
  • To institute mechanisms for the expansion of membership of the committee.
  • To generate and mobilize resources for the regional health research system.
  • To establish and strengthen linkages and networks with other research consortia and institutions/agencies to attain regional and national health goals.




The primary objective of the CRHRDC is to strengthen the system of collaboration in CAR to develop and enhance the capacity of institutions within the region engaged in and which have interest in health research, as a strategy to improve the health conditions of its people.


Specifically, the Consortium aims to:

  1. Identify priority regional health problems for research;
  2. Identify and implement priority research programs and projects targeting identified priority health problems;
  3. Develop and/or enhance health research and development activities;
  4. Establish a system of collaboration and resource sharing in undertaking health research;
  5. Generate resources for health - related research consistent with the national and regional research agenda;
  6. Develop capability in human resources, facilities, and other infrastructure for health and nutrition research;
  7. Promote the utilization of health research findings;
  8. Serve as clearinghouse for all health - related research;
  9. Develop mechanisms and implement strategies to ensure long-term viability of the consortium;
  10. Expand research to involve and network with other regions.





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